Aliens just might save the human race.

Let’s start today’s musing by talking about aliens.  Yes, aliens, assuming they existed (which I don’t know one way or the other if they do).  I am going somewhere with this idea, so bear with me.


According to a number of scientists, if aliens invaded, we are beyond screwed.  If aliens have the technology to travel through space to get here, we will be primitive by their standards.  They most likely aren’t going on vacation checking out the planet and wanting to be friendly like E.T. and enjoy some tasty Reeses Pieces. The aliens are going to be coming here for some resource that the Earth has.

Hopefully, it’s not going to be like War of the Worlds…  where that resource is humanity, whether it be eating us or enslavement.


In movies, generally an alien invasion usually causes something miraculous:  we unite as a society.

The irony about this unification:  we come together to bomb the new class of brown people, again tapping our inner hatred and dislike of those who are different than us.  Think about it – so many aliens, especially aggressive ones, are dark skinned.  And as George Carlin (R.I.P.) so eloquently summed up American foreign policy:

“We like war, we’re a war-like people! We like war because we’re good at it! You know why we’re good at it? Because we get a lot of practice. This country´s only 200 years old and already we’ve had ten major wars. We average a major war every twenty years in this country, so we’re good at it! And it’s a good thing we are, we’re not very good at anything else anymore! Hah? Can’t make a decent car, can’t make a TV set or a VCR worth a fuck … got no steel industry left, can’t educate our young people … can’t get health care to our old people … but we can bomb the shit out of your country alright!

Especially if your country is full of brown people. Oh, we like that, don’t we, that’s our hobby! That´s our new job in the world: bombing brown people! Iraq, Panama, Grenada, Libya – you got some brown people in your country – tell ’em to watch the fuck out … or we´ll goddamn bomb them!”

Just check out these examples of popular aliens, and Hollywood’s recognition that we innately are not trustful (at best) or want to kill (at worst) those that are different than us:

brown_alien ALF

chewbacca    hydraliskmen_in_black_coffee_aliens  ETklingon11 jarjar

Hell, Jar Jar makes me want to bomb some Gungans.  Damn you George Lucas for making me a racist.  Anyhow, I digress.

Regardless of the reason for a worldwide epiphany, we universally realize that there is something much bigger than just us, our city, our country, or the Earth.  The human race unifies, much like an anthill or bee colony, for a common cause:  betterment of mankind. Our society could be so much greater if we united as humans and stopped hating each other, killing each other, and going to war with one another.  If we accepted that we are all different.  What seems unusual to one person is customary to the other.  And that’s just fine.  No need to attack each other for opposing religious views, politics, or other differences of opinion.

It is in our global best interests to not be at war with each other, and ideally working in harmony to research new technologies and ideas to better mankind.

If we were to simply invest in our humanity like we do in our warfare, our civilization would be incredible.  The finances already easily exist to invest in research, and we could even reduce taxation spurring worldwide growth. Worldwide, there was over $1.5 trillion US dollars spent on “defense” spending in 2012.  One year.  Alone.  That is just incredible if you think about it.

Here’s an infographic on how much we spend on “defense” from each other.  Or “defence” as those wacky Brits spell it.


Imagine if we could reduce the “defense” spending needed to 10-20% because we didn’t feel the need to defend ourselves, except from the extremely insane people, such as those who decide that their natural choice for a U.S. diplomat is Dennis Rodman.  Spend perhaps 30% of that $1.5 trillion on research and development for human advancement.  That still leaves over $750 billion *annually* that gets put back into the world economy.

With so many countries having budget crises, people starving and impoverished, it is horrific how much we spend on having the capacity to kill each other.

It’s not only about the money though.  It’s about our attitudes towards each other.  If we fundamentally changed our mindset to accept the other person as a human being who has just as much a right to live as we do, and to live the way they choose to live, we could be so much better off.

Or we could just continue with our global infighting, wait for some cataclysmic event such as an alien invasion or a giant asteroid coming towards the planet, be reactionary, and see how well that serves us.

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